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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

this piece is called Bold and Beautiful it is from a book written by Judi Danes.  Love this piece, it is a wall hanging.  First you take a blank piece of batik, then you draw flowers and stems onto it, then you stitch around the flowers with black thread, then you come back and stitch inside the flowers and leaves with colored threads, then you paint them.  Then I put crystals, beads and glitter on the piece. The last picture is of the back of the piece. I just love this piece.  I've purchased 2 more blank batiks to make this way, just haven't gotten around to it....


I have made two different Geisha panels.  This is the lastest.  It starts out a black and white panel, I applique fabric for the clothes and paint the flowers and face....once her clothes were appliqued on, I put a black shadow on her right side, cut her all out and appliqued her ontot he background fabric.  The piece is machine quilted.