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Monday, January 25, 2016

3 Watercolor Cards

I saw a rendering of this card somewhere on the internet, these are my versions.  I painted cards. Three different watercolor paper.  I'm definitely liking one over the others.  That's how I'm learning, by trying different papers and paints.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Crazy Quilt Finished

Well, I started this quilt about 3 yrs ago.  Made some mistakes putting the blocks together, so I put it up for 3 years.  then in June at the Tulsa Quilt Show, I came across an expert in Crazy Quilting, The Bead Ranch gal from Stillwater, OK.  She told me to take the block apart that I had sewn together, make the rest of the blocks and sash them.  In September of 2015 I embroideried the rest of the names of my family on fabric, then started making the CQ blocks.  Got it out in December and started embellishing the blocks.  I tried to put Charms on the person's blocks that had interest or related to that person.

I know most Crazy Quilts don't have Bling on them, but since I love bling and since it's MY Quilt....
Like I say, "it doesn't have to be perfect, but it does have to be finished".  I must say I now hate velvet.  lol

Sunday, January 3, 2016

this pictures if also from a tutorial on YouTube It's 8 X 10....I didn't draw this one, just painted it. I'm still working on my techniques.  I'm loving Watercolor

More cards and I painted my daughter's house for her for Christmas

My daughter was so surprised at the picture I painted her for Christmas, it's her house

here some other cards I painted

these cards are from pictures I saw on Pinterest

Suggested YouTube Watercolor videos

Ok, finally figured out how to post some pictures.  My computer is all mess up, anyway, here are some of the people I've learned Watercolor from

Jennifer Branch
Mind of Watercolor
Jacqueline Burke
Cathy Johnson
Bob Davies
Chris Merdoll
Rita Squier
Miss Bronte
Strathmore Artist

More watercolor pictures

I recently painted this Birthday Card

Friday, January 1, 2016

for some reason I can't get my pictures to load.  I'll keep trying

More Watercolor

Well, I've been watching a lot of Watercolor tutorials and searching the internet for things to paint.  I think I'm getting remember I really want to paint cards for my friends birthdays,