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Saturday, November 26, 2011

I told you I'm compulsive, just another thing to prove it

These are "Snap Bags"  Fell in love making them.  You use a metal tape measure for the snap part, you cut it the length of the top of the bag.  Fun to make.  Now I have my Christmas Presents for My Co Workers.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bradi came and sewed with me

My 12 yr old granddaughter, she loves to sew.  Last evening she came over and, of course, we had to sew.  She said "Nanny, can I sew while I'm here" and I said "of course" so after dinner, we came to the "sewing room"'s lesson was cutting squares with the roller cutter.  We cut squares out of flannel, easy to sew, she sewed and sewed, next time she comes over we will sew the squares together and sandwich and quilt......she is so much fun.  I will most likely buy her a sewing machine for Christmas this year....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Let's make Lemonade

This is some of the fabrics I purchased at The Rabbit's Lair, Roger, AR.  I wanted a yellow baby quilt. Found this pattern on Youtube.  It's strip piecedf, sewing a "tube" together, probably one of the quickest quilts I've ever made.  I think if I make another, I will use just two fabrics, white and another.  Anyway, there are lots of bias on these pieces....but I really didn't find them hard to work with.  If you go to Youtube and look for "A Summer in the park" quilt pattern, I believe it will come up.  I have a friend, Donna, who quilts professionally, suggested I quilt it in the double ribbon style, as usual I quilted it on my Bernina, not a lot of fabric to work with. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Quilting on "Paulacasso"

I thought I might machine quilt this quilt, however, Cathy Underhill inspired me with her Pearl Cotton friend Stitchinjoy suggested I use a coral color, bought it yesterday.  Thought, it would go pretty quickly, well last  night I saw and thought " what pattern do I want to quilt this quilt"  decided I wanted circles.....well since I don't (presently) have a circle ruler, I ironed two pieces of Freezer Paper together, drew a large circle with a pot lid, one that fit onto the square the way I wanted, then I took a Protractor and marked circles 1" apart.  From there I cut each circle out, put the quilt on my kitchen island and marked the circles....I think I used a Pilot (FriXion) pen....I think I marked about 5 squares, just to see if it what I wanted to do, then put it on my frame, started quilting...husband said "it's different" I told him I am trying to think out of the far I am pleased with it.  It really isn't hard to quilt either.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Warm Wishes lap quilt

this is a quilt I made for my friend Cheryl Mason, she will be so surprised.  You know I work by inspiration, she just bought some new furniture, found these fabrics thought they would work well
with her color selections.  Even tho it doesn't really get cold in SE Texas, everyone needs a cover up now don't they.  The pattern Warm Wishes was given to me by my friend Donna, it's really a fun, quick quilt to put together.

Blue Ribbon at the Creek County Quilt Show 11/11