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Monday, May 13, 2013

Niece Sabrina Chevron Quilt

I made this Chevron quilt for my Niece Sabrina.  I didn't post pictures before because it was a surprise for her.  She recently moved to her new place, so I wanted to do something special for her.  She asked for a Teal and Brown quilt.  Well, as you know I don't work with darks, so I went out and bought these fabrics (now what to do with them) the Chevron worked out great.  I strip pieced this one, it was great fun.  She loved the quilt

Creative juices flowing

First of all, I had a wonderful Mother's Day.  Our met for lunch, had a great time.  Our eldest grandson came to lunch, with rose and card in hand.  As, sweetest thing ever.  Thanking my husband and I for being to special to him.  I think he must be growing up.  21 now....good looking kid.  All the grandkids are awesome.....

came home and che creative juices began to flow.  I already had two of the squares done, but really got to rolling.  This is the same pattern I made the "Yellow" quilt out of.  Saw it in Atlanta last year at InTown Quilter, their's was a sample for a shop hop that they had.  Anyway, I used some scrap fabric I had from a long ago unfinished project from Karen Stone called  "Delirious".  I put the teal/brown fabric up, just couldn't get anything going with those leftovers.....I tried....then I thought, I those chose left over fabrics would work, got them out and started cutting strips, wallah, success everything was so bright and cheery, LOVE IT.   I really think this quilt coulde be made in a day if one could start at arund 5:30 and end at 5:30.  I know everyone wouldn't want to sew that long, but I would.  You know, when you get into that "creative flow"  you just want to go for it. 

This quilt came out darling, I think it's probably one of the cutiest baby quilt's I've ever made.  I can see many more on the horizon.  I think the brighter the fabric the better.

I still have to put the outside border on and quilt it....