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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Owl pillow finished

I  made this for my granddaughter, who is in College.  The emblem of her Sorority.  I think I will give it to her for Christmas.  I want to make myself one, maybe a dab smaller, it looks great in my chair.  It's a pattern by Greta McGregor.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Quilter's Estate Sale Find

Well, after my recent move I was hardly in the mood to go to a "Quilter's Estate Sale" but you know I just couldn't resist.  A gal I work with told me about it, so yesterday at noon, she and I went to Owasso, OK to this sale.  The sale was in a large barn.  Loads of stuff.  Some very unique findings.  I was so disiciplined I surprised myself.  Most of the bulk of the fabric was already gone.  We were told the Guild members arrived at 6:30 and bought huge amounts of fabric for 1.00 a yard.  When we got there, there were still 7 sewing machines left, loads of fabrics, embroidery floss, UFO inpackages with everything needed to make the quilt.  Amazing, this lady was amazing.  I was so tempted to purchase some "Tatting supplies" that she had, I am really not a tatter, even tho I taught myself from watching viedos on YouTube.  She had the most unusual little longated spools that she kept her tatting thread on.  But, I resisted  I did buy a black & white quilt kit she had going, pattern, fabric which she already had cut, etc.the mock Double Wedding Ring pattern and a little Metal Sewing tin (I don't think it was old, but really cute)
anyway.....loads of stuff, this gal spent a fortune.  And there really was a lot of fabric left, but she and I really didn't have the same taste in fabrics.  I know the quilting world will surely miss this lady and she will be happy to know loads of quilters got her stuff.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Quilt Studio finally in working order...Yeah!!!!

I had everything neat and tidy in my new quilting room.  Then yesterday I heard about an upcoming Estate Sale of a Quilter.  That could mean "I will find more fabric" but where to put it, shelves all full.  I got to thinking, I have way to many quilting magazines, had some for years and believe it or not I give away all the time.  So, last night I boxed up 3 boxes of them, opened up two bottom shelves for fabric.  Ah, now I can to go that Estate Sale with an open heart and if I see any fabric that "just has to be in my stash" I have room for is a couple pictures....

I am actually back sewing on Whimsy Lane a pattern by Johna Lee, her blog is "Scrapy Appleyard"  I think it's been two month since I've sewn anything on my machine.  Ah to be home, what a feeling.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sewing Room coming along

Well, I am almost finished with the sewing room.  I still have to straighten the fabrics, possibly today.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Finally moved into new house

Well, we finally moved into our house last Wednesday, then I had to work Thursday and Friday.  We've been very busy, but everything is looking great here.  Of course, everyone thought I would work on the sewing room first thing, NO, had to get everything else set up and functioning.  Yesterday morning we installed the shelving in my sewing room closet, so that will help a lot.  My last sewing room was 13 1/2' X 18'.  I lost 5' in this room lengthwise, but with the closet shelving I think It's going to work.  I couldn't use my 4' table, it had to go, but I will have room for my design wall, that is hugely important, to me.  Here is my before picture