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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Quilt Studio finally in working order...Yeah!!!!

I had everything neat and tidy in my new quilting room.  Then yesterday I heard about an upcoming Estate Sale of a Quilter.  That could mean "I will find more fabric" but where to put it, shelves all full.  I got to thinking, I have way to many quilting magazines, had some for years and believe it or not I give away all the time.  So, last night I boxed up 3 boxes of them, opened up two bottom shelves for fabric.  Ah, now I can to go that Estate Sale with an open heart and if I see any fabric that "just has to be in my stash" I have room for is a couple pictures....

I am actually back sewing on Whimsy Lane a pattern by Johna Lee, her blog is "Scrapy Appleyard"  I think it's been two month since I've sewn anything on my machine.  Ah to be home, what a feeling.

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  1. Oh I remember when I was first developing this pattern and had it at this stage on the design wall. Brings back some memories my friend. I sure hope you enjoy making it!!