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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Aunt Millie Gets Her Funk On.....

I started this quilt July 4th 2010
completely finished it Dec. 25th, 2010
record for me
Hand Applique and Hand quilted
Piece O Cake pattern

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Why I Quilt by Beverly Leasure... Dunedin, FL. Book Relax and Quilt

     It was humiliating.  There I was, newly married and spending our first Christmas with my husband's family.  I wanted to make a good impression.  So imagine my horror as, with all my in-laws watching, I opened a large package from my mother and pulled out the ugliest quilt you ever saw.
     My embarrasment deepened as everyone insisted that I open it up to its full size.  The sashing and border fabric was a garish bright turquoise.  The patchwork was every color under the sun.  The backing was a fuchsia that even overpowered the turquoise.
     Mother didn't know the first thng about making a quilt.  And it showed.  It was awful.  But her quilt was made with love, so it became part of our family life.
     In time, "Grandma's Quilt" put in yeoman's service.  It travelled on family car trips and to many a picnic.  It made a great fort when draped over some chairs.  It was machine washed more times than I can count.  And that ugly quilt had a magic that defies explanation.
     When a child was sick, Grandma's quilty was part of the cure.  When it was wrapped around you, you automatically felt better.  It was also a great comfort when the world wasn't a nice place.
     The quilt is in shreds now -- whenever we use it, pieces fall on the floor.  Someday there will be nothing of it left.  For now, however, even though my children are grown, it still has magic powers.  I can't remember if I ever told my mother how great was her gift to us.
     I started quilting in 1985, largely because of that precious, hideous quilt.  I've learned all the right techniques, and now I can piece and quilt with the best.  My points come together nicely.  I know about color theory and value.  But I don't know if the quilts I make will ever have the magical powers of Grandma's quilt
Everyone should purchase this book.  It has patterns and several little stories about quilting, it will delight your quilting soul.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hand appliqued
machine quilted
won Sweepstakes
at the Tulsa State Fair 2010
I worked on this quilt for years
mainly when I traveled, knew I would never
get it hand quilted, so I quilted it on
my handy dandy Bernina

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the weather men are saying
I don't like snow
thought we might excape it this year
what was I thinking
probably just a dusting

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Little Bottles

These little bottles are filled
with crystals and pens
a wonderful friend of mine
sent me the bottles
along with the post card she made

4 Patch Posey
I made this quilt for
my nephew Mike and his wife Cathy
it's a California King
Philip Jacobs fabric

my grandmother Sunderman
she is the very lady who
inspired me to quilt
when she passed away I received a "sack" with "stuff"
in it and there was a quilt square in it
(which is now framed in my sewing room)
I looked at the square and said "hey, I can do that"
that's how I started...
I think she would be proud of her
Thanks Grandma

Affairs of the Heart
Aie Rossman pattern
This is all hand applique and
I am in the processof hand quilting it
these are batiks, I love this quilt


let's see if this works

Thursday, December 2, 2010

3 Geisha's

I am so proud of this
piece, hand applique
painted faces,
hand quilted
this quilt
is from
Artful Album book
black/purple batik
and flowers are batiks
this is the quilt that I
taught myself to reverse applique on

1/2 hand quilted crosshatch
Another French Braid,
this is a smaller one

I am a very
 Obsessive Compulsive Quilter
as you view my Blog
you will see sometimes I make more than one of a quilt pattern
The following pictures are of
French Braid Quilts
I actually made 4 of these quilts
saw my first French Braid at
the Dallas Quilt Show 2008
our local shops didn't even sell the book,
I hunted and hunted for the fabrics
(you will notice I like to buy fabric as much as I like to quilt) hee hee

this is Laurel Burch fabrics
I used crystals in the cat eyes
the name of this quilt is