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Sunday, January 22, 2012

New storage units

For some time I have been wanting to replace my two plastic totes with "stuff" in them.  Found these darling storage units.  Just perfect, now I can "hide" my candy, needles, pens, etc....I am very pleased with my purchase and at 50% off....

Westminster Fabrics from Atlanta...Intown Quilter

Saggy Baggy Elephant baby quilt

This originally was a cloth book.  I cut it up and was going to "just" sash it, well when I put the blocks on my design wall the blocks were sorta wonky.  I loved the look and went for it.  Simply cut strips about 12" and the width of the fabic, sewed down the block squares, didn't piece them.  It turned out fun.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Cleaned sewing table off, and got my Kaffe out

Well, I was having an issue, trying to choose fabrics for this block.  Lots of leaves, etc.  I had put all my Kaffe into a storage box, couldn't see a thing.  So Liza suggested I clean that table off and use it. duh. what was I thinking.  So got the Kaffe out of the storage box, much easier to work with.  I got a log done this afternoon in choosing fabrics.  Yeah.