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Friday, November 11, 2011

Quilting on "Paulacasso"

I thought I might machine quilt this quilt, however, Cathy Underhill inspired me with her Pearl Cotton friend Stitchinjoy suggested I use a coral color, bought it yesterday.  Thought, it would go pretty quickly, well last  night I saw and thought " what pattern do I want to quilt this quilt"  decided I wanted circles.....well since I don't (presently) have a circle ruler, I ironed two pieces of Freezer Paper together, drew a large circle with a pot lid, one that fit onto the square the way I wanted, then I took a Protractor and marked circles 1" apart.  From there I cut each circle out, put the quilt on my kitchen island and marked the circles....I think I used a Pilot (FriXion) pen....I think I marked about 5 squares, just to see if it what I wanted to do, then put it on my frame, started quilting...husband said "it's different" I told him I am trying to think out of the far I am pleased with it.  It really isn't hard to quilt either.

1 comment:

  1. Looks great Paula, love the big stitch quilting.
    Julia ♥