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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bradi came and sewed with me

My 12 yr old granddaughter, she loves to sew.  Last evening she came over and, of course, we had to sew.  She said "Nanny, can I sew while I'm here" and I said "of course" so after dinner, we came to the "sewing room"'s lesson was cutting squares with the roller cutter.  We cut squares out of flannel, easy to sew, she sewed and sewed, next time she comes over we will sew the squares together and sandwich and quilt......she is so much fun.  I will most likely buy her a sewing machine for Christmas this year....


  1. I like seeing Bradi sewing!
    Louise C.

  2. I love to see young ones sew...the only way we can keep up the tradition..another quilter in the making!
    Julia ♥

  3. Awwhh!! I am so glad you are teaching her to sew/quilt! My 8 year old grandaughter just LOVES to sew too. She wants to sew everytime she comes here. We will be having some regular lessons after Christmas. It does my heart good!