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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Crazy Quilt Finished

Well, I started this quilt about 3 yrs ago.  Made some mistakes putting the blocks together, so I put it up for 3 years.  then in June at the Tulsa Quilt Show, I came across an expert in Crazy Quilting, The Bead Ranch gal from Stillwater, OK.  She told me to take the block apart that I had sewn together, make the rest of the blocks and sash them.  In September of 2015 I embroideried the rest of the names of my family on fabric, then started making the CQ blocks.  Got it out in December and started embellishing the blocks.  I tried to put Charms on the person's blocks that had interest or related to that person.

I know most Crazy Quilts don't have Bling on them, but since I love bling and since it's MY Quilt....
Like I say, "it doesn't have to be perfect, but it does have to be finished".  I must say I now hate velvet.  lol

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  1. I definitely agree that crazy quilts need bling! Yours is gorgeous!