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Thursday, March 1, 2012

The rest of the story

The Pink Rose of Sharon... long story.  When our son and daughter in law decided to move back to Tulsa from Nashville, she came to town to look at houses and rather that stay with family, she decided to stay at a lady's house who had offered for her to stay there while she was gone, that way she would have the whole house to herself and Luke.  I went to see her, we walked into a bedroom where her things were, she had her suitcase and other items laying on the bed, under all her stuff was a quilt covering the bed.  An Antique Pink Rose of Sharon quilt.   I told her, you might want to move your things, I believe that is an Antique quilt......after she returned to Nashville, I called the lady who owned the house/quilt.  Told her I would love to copy the pattern, she said "sure, come and get the quilt, you can keep it as long as  you like for the pattern"  I went immediately and borrowed the qult, took pictures, drew patterns, got the quilt back to her quickly.  The story behind the quilt was "her aunt gave her the quilt in the early 1950's, the quilter lived in Kansas and it was an original design. 

As I got to putting the top together after I appliqued all the rose squares, I discovered the quilt needed another row of roses for it to turnout right,  So I added a row and adjusted the border to accomidate. 

I made this top a long time ago, probably 10 years ago, I have it 1/4 quilted, when I saw the quilt that was posted on "Inspired By Antique Quilts" blog, I thought about this one and pulled it out, it is not on my quilting frame, gotta finish this one.  I have to locate the ruler that I was using to mark the crosshatch lines, I think they are 3/4".....

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