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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Purse made with Texture Magic

I purchased this fabric last year from Savage Quilter in Oklahoma City.  It came as a panel, I thought it was pretty, maybe make a wall hanging, wasn't sure.  One day I was at the Quilt Sampler shop in Tulsa, and saw a purse that had been made with a product called TEXTUE MAGIC,  IDEA, I thought oh my gosh, that fabric I bought in OK City would be perfect for that.  So I purchase a small piece of it, I think it's 22.00 a yard (really not bad because you use a small piece of it) anyway, I came home and stitch the Hydrangia flower, and it shrivled up nicely, cut I thought oh gosh how would you sew this to something else, so I went back up there, the ladies are so nice to help you with things.  Anyway, realized I needed to stitche to the outer edges and it would work out just fine.  So came home and sewed the other flower, the red one.  Came out great.  I have been wanting to turn it into something, so Purse came to mind.  Wallah, here is the results.  I LOVE IT, of course, I had to add some a few crystals.  I am so excited, I can actually use the purse.  It was so much fun, I think I may try some TEXTURE MAGIC on a quilt sometime, with big flowers.  How wild would that be
What you do is you stitch the TEXTURE MAGIC on your fabric, I meandered it, then you use a steam iron to shirnk it up, works like magic.  I'm sure your local shop would have it.

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  1. Wow, that is it.
    We have a craft show next week, I will look for it..
    Julia ♥