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Friday, December 7, 2012

I've been busy

Always up for a challenge.  I just finished this "A Noble Cowl", it's knitted.  Not the best knitter, but I love Continental knitting.  I came across this Cowl on Ravelry.  I even added beads.  Everything NEEDS BLING, don't you think.  Anyway, finished it last night, it's ready for a Christmas gift to my boss.  She loves things like this.

Along the way, I made myself some stitch markers out of my Crazy Quilt stash of beads.  I went to Youtube and learned how, so easy and fun to make.  Once I started using the stitch markers, they kept me right on track with the pattern.  I learned so much on this project it was great.  You might check the pattern out.  Ravelry:  A Noble Cowl pattery bye Emily Kausalik.

Uh Oh said my  account is full of pictures.  I need to delete some I guess

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