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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Baby Lock machine working perfectly

I was having an issue with my Baby Lock Quilter's Choice Professional (I think they have renamed this machine since I purchased mine)....I had a "burr" in the bobbin thread.  That's the only way I know how to describe it.  When I would Free Motion Quilt at a slower speed, there would be a little loop come thru to the bottom side of the quilt then the machine would skip stitches.  Sooooo aggrivating.  I've worked with it and worked with it, but decided TODAY IS THE DAY I FIX THIS MACHINE.  ( I should have been outside and worked in my flower beds, weather beautiful) but no this machine was my priority.  It sews so fast, and wonderful when it's working properly.  Well, I adjusted the tension on the bobbin, adjusted the tension on the top tension, cleaned the machine, the prayed for it...........It has worked perfectly ever since.....I was able to get the whole inside part of the second Red Bird, Red Bird where art thou....the second black & white.  Probably won't make another one.  I'll use the black and white for backgrounds for some fun quilts.  I should be able to finish quilting the outside border tomorrow.  Hopefully this quilt will be finished this week....

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