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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Two of my grand daughters quilting with me today

I had a great day with Isabella and Lexie (11 & 9)  they both have sewing machines and love to sew.  I have been wanting to make this cute little baby quilt, so we got busy today.  Had we not worked on Gingerbread houses most of the morning, we could have probably finished this one.  I told them they just have to come back this week.  They had so much fun, sewing throwing scraps all over.  I told them they can always be picked up later.....We actually got one row done, we put little turtles on the pattern and we were drawing their faces.  Isabella said "can we make all their faces different"  I said "definitely"  what a blast, the tutles will have the best faces ever, the girls were full of ideas.


  1. Go girls..!
    They are so gorgeous, lovely to see them spending time with grandma.
    Julia ♥

  2. Oh I just love seeing this!! What a great grandmother you are! Love your header picture too!

  3. Looks like good times! I can hardly wait to do this with Nola! By the way, I love your new header picture!