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Friday, December 6, 2013

Would one be considered a "Fabric Horder" with a pile of just black & white fabrics????

ok if I ever step foot in another fabric shop, someone should say "stop".......oh my gosh, working on cleaning my Sewing Room Closet today, that went very well.  Then I decided to work on some of the new fabrics that I recently purchased.  Evidentally I am a compulsive, obsessive fabric horder.  I decided to get all the new fabrics ready for a great new project...OMgosh what in the world am I thinking.  Washed all the black & whites, I definitely have plenty to piece together for backs.  I'm even thinking a Log Cabin would be nice or even a DWR Black & White.  Now I do have that lovely Black & Tan fabric that I wanted to make a DWR out of, or perhaps all the new fun colorful fabrics.
Omgosh, the sky is the limit.  Glad I retired, not perhaps I can get this fabric sewin up.  Believe it or now, I am actually giving my brown & teal fabric to someone.

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  1. Your stash is very orderly and doesn't seem to be out of control? Those black and white fabrics are begging to be made into something cool!