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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well, today I ordered Karen Stone Quilts book, basically it is her New York Beauty book, including patterns.  I was so inspired by Crispyquilts NYB, which she designed and hand stitched, over the top beautiful.  The other day I was on someone's blog and found an Asian NYB, reminded of Nora Cope's NYB which she made several years ago.  I would really like to make one out of Asian Fabrics and I have lots of them  Anyway, the book is on it's way.......I am excited.

I am also supposed to fly to Atlanta Ga on Thursday for the Atlanta Gift Show, I pray the weather clears up there, right now there is lots of snow and ice on the roads....

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  1. Hmmmm so you are going to do a NYB huh? LOL I hope things clear up for you in Atlanta. It managed to snow 4 inches in Seattle last night and it's the only thing they can talk about on the news....such wusses :0)