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Friday, April 20, 2012

26 Quilts in the River aka Road to Oklahoma

Well, I guess I posted pictures everywhere but my blog on this quilt.  Finally finihsed it this week.  Yeah!!!! Had a heck of a time with this one.  Started quilting it on my Baby Lock Quilter's Professional, then the thread started messing up, took the machine in, and it was the Tension, the rod in the Tensin was messed up, while replacing it the repair guy, broke the rod, so he had to replace it again.  Ah repaired, brought it home, then the thread started shreading OH NO another problem, finally figured out the problem there after much searching, it was the bobbin, Ah finally repaired, got the top quilted.  In the mean time is when I purchased the Pfaff 3.0  ah a brand new machine NO Problems right.....not so,
started quilting the border on the new Pfaff.....oh I think I had about 1/4 of the border quilted, looked at the back side, THREAD EVERWHERE...........oh no, definitely a problem.  I had to take all all the quilting I did on the Pfaff on the border.  Guess what the Tension again.  So I decided to adjust the Tension, finally found the right setting for what I was #6 setting.   Started the border over again, was kicking myself that I hadn't stayed with the Baby Lock at that point.... oh well, it had to be right, so finally got that border quilted, binding.  Yeah the quilt was finished 4/17/12.... wow, started to rename the quilt "The #%$@% quilt to Oklahoma......I'm sure my Great Grandmother had more trouble coming to Oklahoma.  Would have been a real heartbreaker for me to throw those quilts in the river.  I was about ready to throw this one there.  However, it is lovely, glad I didn't.  This is definitely a lesson in persistance.

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