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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My "Mentor Book" by Bailey Newman

Yesterday was the "big reveal" of the Mentor book, that my granddaughter Bailey Newman wrote for her AP English project.  She started the book last September.  The project called for them to choose a Mentor in their life, to interview them throughout the year, spend time with them, ask questions, apply some of the Mentor's wisdom to their lives and compile a book, then have the book printed, then present the book to the Mentor.  Yesterday was the day!  We were offered lunch at the school, in a very nice room, a very nice lunch, sat with our writers, and visited with the other student's and their Mentors.  Some of the kids choose parents, and some teachers, a variety of people.  In this group, I was the only grandparent.  After lunch the presentations started.  Bailey and I were the second presentation.  Each student would stand and read a portion of the book, then present the book to the Mentor.  I think Bailey choose me because she finds me interesting.  I must say she did an excellent job, she could be a writer for sure, should she choose that profession, and perhaps she will work it into her life's path.  I love her and I will treasure this precious gift.

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